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Thalgo USA

Immerse Yourself in a World of Marine Beauty

Thalgo USA


Thalgo is an anti-aging specialist offering facials for various ages and anti-aging concerns, all renowned for their incredible results.

Thalgo Collagen Radiance Facial


Thalgo Collagen Radiance Facial

Give your skin a Collagen boost and correct the signs of aging as they appear with this instant anti-aging facial designed for first wrinkles. After a relaxing welcome massage and a cleansing ritual adapted to your skin type, an intense exfoliation to smooth the skin and allow optimum penetration of the active ingredients is carried out. This is followed by an expert anti-aging massage to lift the features and help the skin drink in all the Marine Collagen. The Collagen mask smoothes fine lines and has a plumping effect. While the mask takes effect, you’ll enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage. After the treatment, your skin will be radiant, its collagen reserves restored.

100% of clients find their skin texture more even; 89% of clients say their skin is smoother and more luminous. (Test carried out in treatment rooms on a sample of 5 people, ages 25-54 years; results confirmed by a panel of 16 estheticians.)




 Thalgo Silicium Super-Lift FacialANTI-AGING 45+

Thalgo Silicium Super-Lift Facial

Dare to defy time with this super-lift facial, designed to combat all the signs of aging at 45+ (loss of firmness, pronounced wrinkles). Relax and let yourself be immersed in an aquatic cocoon during the Thalgo cleansing ritual, adapted to your skin type. Next, your skin is intensely exfoliated and smoothed to optimize the penetration of the anti-aging ingredients. An expert anti-aging massage lifts the features, before a super-lifting mask is applied to fill deeper wrinkles and lift and contour the face and neck. After just one treatment, you will already look five years younger*. Your complexion will glow, lines will be less noticeable, and your skin will be firmer.

100% of clients say their face is more youthful looking; their skin lifted, 83% say their wrinkles look filled in. (Test carried out in treatment rooms on a sample of 5 people, ages 25-54; results confirmed by a panel of 16 estheticians.) *Average results for people given the treatment




Thalgo Exceptional Ultimate Time Solution Ritual ANTI-AGING 50+

Thalgo Exceptional Ultimate Time Solution Ritual

This manual facelift, using Thalgo’s revolutionary massage technique, EnergiLift, targets and tightens individual facial muscles and visibly lifts the entire face, providing the ultimate anti-aging facial to combat all signs of aging and hormonal deficiencies. Following a deep cleanse and scrub to prepare the skin, the Ultimate Energilift Massage encourages absolute relaxation and maximum toning. This specific modelling massage helps to stretch and “work out” the facial muscles around the eyes, lips, face and décolleté to revive their original tone. The massage is combined with the Ultimate Time Solution Serum and Ultimate Time Solution Massage Cream, which contain powerful active ingredients to reshape facial contours. The Ultimate Time Solution Mask is then applied, infusing the skin with Marine Bio-Cellulose, While the mask is left to work, a relaxing hand and arm massage is carried out. The treatment is completed with an application of Ultimate Time Solution Cream and Ultimate Time Solution Eyes and Lips. Your skin is left visibly smoother, brighter, lifted and nourished.

100% of clients find their face and hands smoother; 95% find their facial volumes repositioned, their face lifted, their décolleté smoothed; 95% find their skin firmer and brighter; 85% find their eyelids lifted. (Test carried out in treatment rooms on a sample of 20 women aged 49-69.)


Thalgo Exceptional Ultimate Time Solution Ritual


Thalgo Prodige des Océans Face Ritual

This supreme Beauty Ritual provides ultimate revitalization and total youthfulness. This treatment delivers the revitalizing benefits of Intelligence Regenerative Marine, a complete concentrate of 63 marine active ingredients (an exclusive Thalgo patent). At the heart of the ritual, the Prodige des Océans Mask offers pure plumping oxygenation, and its iconic massage, inspired by Ko Bi Do, an ancestral Japanese manual facelift technique, visibly smoothes wrinkles and restores firmness and elasticity to the skin. The face glows with renewed youth.

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