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Bundle Contains -

 Thalgo Men Cleansing Gel   5.07 fl. oz.

Cleansing Gel gently cleanses and appears to leave skin radiant. Impurities and excess sebum are fully removed. The face feels clean and fresh. Transparent blue Foaming Gel. Subtle masculine scent: fruity, spicy with a woody note, musky. pH 7.


Thalgo Men Shaving Gel   FREE (Travel Size) 1.01 fl. oz. Pouch (Included)

Gentle shaving product for daily use.  Perfectly shaved, the skin appears smooth and soft, with no oily film. Transparent blue foaming Gel. Alcohol-free. Subtle masculine scent: fruity, spicy with a woody note, musky. Neutral pH


F + J's Classic Beard Oil, Natural, Organic  1 fl. oz.

Our beard oil includes everything a man wants on his beard. Fast absorbing and dry to the touch, this Beard Oil performs double duty to not only control, moisturize and manage your beard, but it also hydrates the neglected skin underneath the facial har. It is 100% natural and includes organic Safflower Oil and Argan Oil. This Beard Oil is like no other as it can be used all over your face or even if you shave your head. You don’t need to have facial to use our Classic Beard Oil.


F + J's Conditioning Beard Balm     1 fl. oz.

Containing both Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, this beard balm tames and softens unruly facial hair while providing a gentle hold and conditioning the neglected skin underneath. With anti-oxidant and omega protection, the Conditioning Beard Balm not only helps condition facial hair but also the skin.

Additional Information

Ref. Number BD2019-04
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Thalgo Men Cleansing Gel -  Apply Thalgo Men Cleansing Gel morning and evening before shaving. Take a knob of gel, foam with water in the palm of the hand, cleanse 

the face, and then rinse. Thalgo Men Cleansing Gel can be used in the shower for those in a hurry.

Thalgo Men Shaving Gel - Before shaving, spread a small amount of Thalgo Men Shaving Gel into the beard/bearded area. Shave and rinse with water.

F + J's Conditioning Beard Balm  -   for moisture and a light hold, warm a dime size between palms and work evenly throughout beard.

F + J's Classic Beard Oil, Natural, Organic - For hair, apply a thin layer twice daily or as needed. For skin, apply in a thin layer.

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