Over the past decade, serums have made an impactful impression in skin care. They address a myriad of skin concerns that range from anti-aging to dark spots and discolorations.  


Serums are known to carry a higher concentration of active ingredients and penetrate more deeply into the skin offering targeted correction for specific purposes like dehydration, lifting, firming, improved tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles. With all these benefits, why then do some serums fail?


1) Because they are not made with enough of the good stuff. Sad but true. There are thousands of them on the market all promising a different miracle. The sad truth is they don’t pack enough of the active ingredient they are advertising to make much of a difference. Check the label to see where the active ingredient lies. If it’s not in the top five it’s so diluted it won’t be effective. Thalgo Prodige Des' Oceans is the perfect example of a high quality serum packed with active ingredients. With the unique power of regenerative Marine Intelligence, this essence contains the best of the 5 Oceans to infuse the skin with over 61 biiomimetic nutrients essential to the skin's ability to regenerate itself. This product will leave the skin refined, the skin tone even, and exceptional radiance. 


2) The wrong serum is prescribed for the client’s problem. Sounds simple but it happens all the time. When looking for a serum, be sure to explain your greatest skin concern(s) and make sure the serum you are offered is designed to treat it. If dark spots are your nemesis, a serum designed for dehydration isn’t likely to make a difference. Thalgo MCeutic Resurfacer Cream/Serum is the best example of a dual purpose cream/serum designed to correct the skin's irregularities. With a "new skin" effect, dark spots will be visably reduced and the skin tone will be even, glowing and luminous.


3) Serums can be loaded with active ingredients but they can also be loaded with junk. Sounds harsh but it’s true. We can’t say it enough, look at the ingredients. If the product you are interested in is loaded with Pegs or Parabens, walk away. For more information about potentially harmful skincare ingredients visit the Global Healing Center.


Serums are one of the most impactful products in the skin care line up. They can give the skin an overall younger, healthier appearance. They can help boost moisture during dry periods or colder weather and they can make a big impact on your overall appearance. So whether you are interested in cell turnover or wrinkle correction, remember that you need to do your homework before investing your hard earned money.


Thalgo is please to offer several serums designed to treat several skin concerns. To check out our complete line visit  Thalgousa.com.