why diest dont work

If you have ever been unhappy with your weight and have tried to diet, this statement may come as a surprise: Dieting Doesn’t Work. You may already know this in your subconscious or maybe you still believe that it works, but the reality is that it doesn’t. The real question is why. Here are a few reasons:


1)    Your diet is too Strict: When you deprive yourself while dieting, even if you do lose weight, the chances are good that you will binge once you return to your normal eating habits and gain some or even all of the weight back.


2)    Your diet is unhealthy: Depriving yourself of too many calories is not only unhealthy, it is also counter productive. Consuming fewer than the number of calories that your body needs will put you in “starvation mode.” Your body will then hold on to it’s weight and instead of losing weight you will lose muscle. Make sure you are taking in enough calories to keep a healthy metabolism.


3)    Your diet is too hard: We all know that diets are no fun. And deprivation can make us irritable and feisty thus limiting our success as we “fall off the wagon” again and again. A proper eating plan should not deprive you of everything that you love. But you will need to modify and limit yourself to smaller portions of the goodies. Consider modifying. Eat what you love but eat less and focus the majority of you diet on the good stuff (veggies and fruits).



So if it’s true that dieting doesn’t work. What does? According to wellandgood.com mindful eating is the answer. Although it may sound easy enough, it takes practice. “Mindfulness helps us better understand how full we are and how many calories we have consumed.” Spending a few minutes of quiet before reaching for the potato chips may be a great first step to eating less. And listening to your body’s cues helps too. This requires shutting down the phone, email and TV when you are eating so that you can concentrate on how you are actually feeling. No one likes to feel hungry but if you eat until you are no longer hungry instead of eating until you are full you will consume far fewer calories per day and this will certainly help you achieve your optimum weight.  And believe it or not, your body and your metabolism have more of an effect on your weight maintenance than just willpower according to the Huffington post, so don’t be so hard on yourself.


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