Skincare promises

Skin care companies have done an excellent job of confusing consumers over the years. In their defense though, marketing claims and promises about what their products can do is the best way to sell, and inform potential buyers. When you pick up a tube of eye cream, you want to know what it can do for you, right? The problem is there are so many companies making so many claims its getting confusing. What to buy and why to buy it can be as tough a decision as what kind of latte to order. To help make your decisions a little less daunting, we have put together a list of the top 5 promises skincare companies make and what you should really be looking for to make good decisions.


1) Visibly Erases Wrinkles - When a cream, serum or lotion promises this it makes you want to run to the store to buy it. But there’s a lot to consider before making a purchase. The underlying cause of fine lines and wrinkles is dehydration. You will want to look for a product that will hydrate the skin. If you are looking to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, try the Thalgo Hylauronic Filler high-precision filling serum. This acts at the center of the wrinkles to effectively fill them and erase the signs of passing time.

2) Evens Skin Tone – The key to having an even skin tone is to exfoliate weekly. We recommend exfoliating to remove the dead skin cells that cause dull, dry looking skin. The Thalgo MCEUTIC Resurfacer Cream-Serum is very effective and perfects the surface of the skin. Highly concentrated in active ingredients and patented Marine Mesolift for optimal penetration and a “new skin” effect. Residual marks are visibly reduced and skin tone is more even and radiant.


3) Lifts and Firms Skin – Finding a product that lifts and firms the skin is not easy. When researching, look for one that contains ingredients such as Shea butter and Jojoba Oil, they intensely nourishes, protects and restores skin suppleness. Thalgo Silicium Cream is a rich and luxurious daily cream which fills wrinkles and lifts facial and neck contours. By fighting against visible wrinkles and skin slackening, this rich, melt-on-the-skin cream fills wrinkles and reshapes facial contours.


4) Hydrates and Moisturizes – Likely the number one claim made by skin creams. To treat this, Thalgo suggests the Absolute Hydra-Marine Concentrate; express treatment program (7 days) that refreshes, revitalizes and plumps. It is a true "shot’’ of moisture that delivers exceptional hydrating power in record time. Active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, keeps the skin plump and hydrated.


5) Reverses the signs of aging – When you see a product that makes this claim, look closely at the ingredients. Make sure they can back the claim with high quality ingredients and check to be sure they have study results too. Thalgo’s  Prodige des Océans Essence  is one product that truly does reverse the signs of aging. This regenerating essence  infuses the skin with 61 marine biomimetic nutrients (15 minerals and trace elements, 7 vitamins, 21 amino acids, 14 fatty acids, 3 carbohydrates and polyphenols) essential to the skin's ability to regenerate itself and to the perfect expression of its beauty.


When you are researching skincare be sure to look closely at the claims companies make  and how they are supported. If their promises seem outrageous, investigate further and be wary of companies that make you sign up for automatic replenishment. Many of these are scams and when you try to cancel your “membership” they are nowhere to be found. A reputable skincare company will always be willing to share research data to back their claims, will offer samples so you can test their product yourself and will willingly welcome all of your questions. 


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