3 reasons to consider enzymes

Did you know that the body contains more than 50,000 different enzymes responsible for countless functions of the body including the regulation of inflammation? When part of the skin or body becomes inflamed, enzymes help to provide healing and protection by reducing swelling and breaking down plasma in traumatized areas. Enzymes are also effective in treating the skin. Here are 3 reasons for you to consider using them:


1) Exfoliation  - The outer layer of the skin is comprised mostly of dead skin cells also known as keratin proteins. These skin cells shed naturally every day allowing the skin to look more youthful and smooth. As we age however, this cell turnover process slows and the skin can begin to look dull and aged. Enzymes can be a great source for exfoliation and more gentle than chemical peels or microdermabrasion.


2) Anti-inflammation -  As earlier mentioned, Enzymes already existent in the body to regulate the inflammation that can be the result from a myriad of bodily inadequacies. The good news is enzyme therapy can help to modulate and control inflammation and even circulatory problems. For more information on this go to nutritionreview.org.


3) Protection against sun damage – Enzymes have the ability to protect the skin from free radicals caused by environmental pollution as well as the sun. 


While enzymes may seem like the answer to many of the skin’s needs, they also have a downside. Sensitive to temperature and light, they must be stored in a cool, dry place. If they are exposed to extreme heat or temperatures, they can can become unstable and thus ineffective.


Thalgo is pleased to offer the MCeutic Cosmeceutical Skin Care Range, with cleansers, moisturizers and even a take home peel which utilize enzymes and have proven results to help keep your skin looking radiant and healthy.