algae in skin care

As a culture, we are always chasing the latest trends and the next big thing. Whether it be fashion, diet, or exercise, the trends are always changing. Skincare is no different. Current buzzwords are like pendulums, swinging back and forth from one popular ingredient or trend to the next. In a recent blog, we defined the latest buzzwords to help you stay on top of what’s current in skincare.


Lately it seems like “natural” is the latest trend. But this isn’t news for Thalgo. We have been in the business of “natural” for over 50 years with the use of algae, seaweed and seawater in our skin care and body products. In fact, Thalgo Spa treatments use real seawater and seaweed to effectively treat a range of conditions from skin problems, such as eczema, to excess weight, low energy levels and fluid retention.


We all know how beneficial the sea is for health and well-being. Thalgo has been able to harness these extraordinary benefits in its range of spa treatments and skincare products. Thalgo has explored the sea depths and identified specific seaweeds with anti-aging, slimming, detoxifying, rebalancing, hydrating and soothing properties.


Our patented Micronized Marine Algae (MMA) provides outstanding results in the medical treatment of conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis and skin disorders. Due to a unique manufacturing process, the cell walls of the marine algae are literally exploded to release the active inner ingredients. The micro-particles of the resulting powder ensure remarkable skin penetration.


The sea is where life on our planet began. Three billion years ago the first living cells were single cell blue algae. When you analyze seawater under a microscope, you can see it has a very similar structure to blood plasma. The human body is made up of approximately 70% water. The sea makes up 3/4 of the earth’s surface. Algae are responsible for 1/3 of the world’s oxygen production.


With all of the benefits the sea has to offer, why wouldn’t you choose Thalgo for your naturally based skincare?


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