How to take the OW out of waxing

For many, even the thought of waxing can trigger a cold sweat. The sting, the pain and the redness historically make this one of the least favorite spa services. But don’t worry, there are some proven ways to make waxing less painful and they actually work.


1) Try a pain reliever 30 minutes before your wax service. Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen will help dull the pain during your waxing service. 


2) Apply an over the counter numbing cream before you leave the house. There are countless on the market. Most all contain lidocaine or a form of it. They work well to numb the skin.


3) Ice ice baby… Apply some ice before waxing to numb the area, it will soothe the skin and make it less painful during and after the treatment.


4) Exfoliate the area before getting waxed. It will help the hair release more easily causing less pain.


5) Let the hair grow to about ¼ inch before waxing (excluding brows obviously). If it’s shorter it won’t be waxed effectively. If it’s any longer, it will be extra painful.


6) Apply a rose water toner after waxing, or ask your esthetician to apply something similar to help remove the sting.


7) When all else fails, think happy thoughts. Distraction really works, go to your happy place and it will be over before you know it.



Whatever you do, don’t’ give up on waxing. The more you wax the less it hurts and it's a great way to stay hair-free longer. Thalgo Marine Skincare is happy to offer a few products that help take the OW – and the red, out of waxing.



Thalgo Biodepyl Anti-Regrowth Solution Sensitive Areas is a gel specially formulated for sensitive areas; helps delay regrowth and works significantly on all parameters (density, length) of hair after waxing and depilation. Delicate areas are soothed and stay smooth for a longer period of time.


Thalgo Biodepyl Targets Ingrown Hairs backs up the anti-regrowth action of Thalgo Biodépyl Anti-Regrowth Solution, while preventing hair regrowth beneath the skin. The non-oily formula leaves the skin supple and fresh. 

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