grey market, hidden dangers


The grey market, also known as the parallel market, refers to an online platform where products are bought and sold outside of the manufacturer's authorized operating channels and in most cases without the manufacturers consent.  


From the consumer’s point of view, it’s tempting to visit and buy from Grey Market sites because goods are often sold at a price that’s considerably discounted. But many consumers are completely unaware that they are buying products from unauthorized dealers and as such they are unaware of the hidden dangers. 


In a recent post, Grey Market, Hidden Dangers, we discussed the reasons why buying from the grey market can be dangerous.


1)    Old/outdated products


2)    Inactive ingredients or tainted products that can cause skin irritation or infection


3)    Zero support or warranty from manufacturers


4)    Supporting the grey market eventually forces manufacturers to raise prices to offset the losses from unauthorized distribution



Every one of these are reason enough to stay clear of Grey Market Distributors. But one reason that wasn’t discussed previously was integrity. One word with such an impactful message. Buying grey goods has such a negative impact on the integrity of the actual manufacturer who employs many people to ensure that the products they make are at high quality standards.


Customer relationships are built on trust. If your clients can’t trust the integrity of your brand, then there’s no reason for them to deal with you. If your clients look online and see that your high-end quality products can be purchased at a discount through a distributor like Amazon or Walmart, then why would they ever buy from you? And if they don’t buy from you who will?


The problem is huge and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. People will always look for a deal. What they don’t realize is that they are making a deal with the devil. These grey market retailers and distributors don’t care for one second about who they are selling to. They don’t care that the product they are selling is rancid and they don’t care that it could may make someone ill. And they certainly are not going to care about you when you call with a question or complaint. How can they possibly know how to help you when they don’t have a clue what they just sold you?


The grey market is a game of craps at best. You can roll the dice and choose one Grey Market distributor or another but make no mistake they aren’t looking at expiration dates on the products you just ordered and if you or your loved one has an adverse reaction they are certainly not going to care.


The only way to stop this absurdity from growing is to STOP SUPPORTING it. Unauthorized distributors are ruining countless legitimate client/manufacturer relationships by compromising integrity of the product and the relationship. One by one we need to make a stand to say NO MORE!


Buy products from companies authorized to sell them. If you do, you will be buying something safe to use and you will be supporting legitimate manufacturers and the persons who work for them. Please help us educate others by spreading the word so we can prevent this problem from spinning out of control. For a list of Thalgo discontinued products click here.

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