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It’s Time to Man Up

Nov 16, 2017 11:33:08 AM

Skin care is talked about everywhere, all the time, usually in reference to women. But men have skin care concerns too. Here are the top five skin concerns for men and how they can be helped.

men's Skin Care


1)  Broken Capillaries – According to Dermatology Review, broken capillaries “are tiny and delicate veins just under the skin that are responsible for the blood circulation in the face. When the walls of these veins narrow and widen suddenly, breakage may occur. Some of these ruptured blood vessels cannot repair themselves or go back to their normal thickness without some kind of treatment. Spider veins can be found around the nose, cheeks and mouth, on the neck, as well as the upper chest and legs.” Be careful not to scrub too vigorously or the condition can worsen. Also consider a cleanser with salicylic acid in it to keep dead skin cells from building up. 


2)  Large Pores – Perhaps the most common complaint from men is pore size, especially around the nose. Cleansing daily with help reduce the build up of dead skin cells that commonly cause large pores. Cleansing will help with existing break outs too.


3)  Black Heads – According to Healthline, “Blackheads form when a clog or plug develops in the opening of hair follicles in your skin. Each follicle contains one hair and a sebaceous gland that produces oil. This oil, called sebum, helps keep your skin soft. Dead skin cells and oils collect in the opening to the skin follicle, producing a bump called a comedo. If the skin over the bump stays closed, the bump is called a whitehead. When the skin over the bump opens, exposure to the air causes it to look black and a blackhead forms.” Similar to the fix for large pores, consider a daily cleanser, to remove skin toxins and control sebum.


4)  Sensitive Skin from Shaving - Daily shaving can create sensitve irritated skin. Thalgomen After Shave Balm formula is instantly absorbed and its soothing and repairing active ingredients effectively ease skin irritations caused by shaving. The skin feels comfortable and supple with a pleasant feeling of lasting freshness.


5)  Aging – General sagging and lifeless looking skin happens to men just as much as women but there are products which truly do help fight the signs of intrinsic aging. Thalgo Men Regenrating Cream  helps to preserve youthful, energized skin while combatting signs of aging. The skin is visibly smoother, wrinkles are reduced; the signs of aging and fatigue fade rapidly. 



Thalgo Marine Skin Care has devoted over 50 years to the research and formulation of skin care produts for men and women that truly work and are environmentally safe. For more information visit

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Thalgo Sacred Oil in LNE Magazine

Oct 25, 2017 11:08:00 PM

Thalgo Sacred Oil in LNE Magazine

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Even Santa Takes Care of His Skin

Dec 21, 2015 10:46:39 PM

Thalgo Men

Good to know right?! Even though he’s magical, he’s got to care for his skin just like any other guy. Especially in his line of work and the direct exposure to wind and cold temps. Some might say he needs to care for his skin even more than most men do. But he’s a busy guy (especially this time of year), so his daily skin care regimen has to be quick and easy or let’s face it, he’s not going to keep up with it.

Just like women, men suffer from oily skin and enlarged pores. Daily shaving often causes skin irritation and dryness. Men need products that will prevent irritation, soothe the skin after shaving and prevent breakouts. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to get a facial from a professional every once in a while. 


Although the idea of going to a spa for skincare may not appeal to the average guy, the truth of the matter is that men need facials just as much as women do. This is due in part to harsher exposure to the elements (work/leisure), larger pores (as mentioned above), coarse skin and skin damage caused by not wearing the proper SPF protection.  The perfect analogy was stated in the November 2014 article in Men’s Health, 3 Good Reasons to Get a Facial,: “But the real motivation to get your skin handled by the pros is the same reason you have a mechanic work on your car: They can do it better than you can.”


Whether you are willing to see an esthetician for proper skin care or you want to tackle it from home, Thalgo has created a skin care line just for men which assists and compliments the typical daily grooming routine. It’s the bare minimum for your skin. We promise it’s not complicated and the results will be well worth your time:


1)   Cleanser – This doesn’t have to be a long ritual. Cleansing your skin in the shower will work just fine. But do cleanse. You need to remove all the dirt your skin has been exposed to from the environment and it’s especially important to cleanse if you have facial hair. Fine partials of dirt and food get stuck and can cause skin irritations and break outs. Thalgo Men Cleansing Gel eliminates toxins from your skin and sebum which causes acne. It also helps combat signs of aging.


2)   Shaving Gel – Shaving daily can cause skin irritation and dryness. It’s important to choose a shave gel which hydrates the skin to prevent this from happening.  Thalgo Men Shaving Gel is alcohol free and leaves the skin smoothe with no oily film. This gel contains Cephalipin which offers a bandage effect; encourages healing and reduces coagulation time by 50% in the event of a cut.


3)   After Shave Balm - Thalgomen After Shave Balm formula is instantly absorbed and its soothing and repairing active ingredients effectively ease skin irritations caused by shaving. The skin feels comfortable and supple with a pleasant feeling of lasting freshness. This product contains Eashave which soothes irritations; provides lasting freshness; repairs and hydrates the skin.


Caring for your skin doesn’t have to be tedious and in fact can be accomplished in a matter of minutes every day.  Preventative skin care is as important as corrective, so even if you aren’t interested in fine lines and wrinkles or anti-aging products, chances are you are interested in looking your best so this list gives you a good place to start.

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Thalgo, MCeutic

2015 brought many new skin care trends and nuances but one area that became more popular this year was new skin care apps.  Thanks to technology, anyone with a smart phone can now download their favorite skin care app, create a profile, upload a pic, and poof, the app will provide suggestions for your skin care regimen. Cool? Yes. Accurate? We aren’t so sure. So many variables can infringe upon getting an accurate analysis here such as quality of the picture, quality of the smartphone camera, lighting, etc.  But all in all it’s a fun way to begin the education process for those new to skin care.


For those not so new and looking for more serious skin care, devices continued making a splash this year in the industry. Personal skin care devices utilizing sound frequencies and cleansing brushes for example, became popular in 2010 and are still being upgraded and re-introduced today. They promise a gentle cleansing with the ability to rid the face of topical dirt, freeing clogged pores and thus treating acne and skin congestion. The downside of these handhelds exfoliators:  they can be rough if used too frequently ultimately thinning the skin.


A popular device used in spas is micro current. Proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate facial muscles, micro current is still a hip and effective way to combat aging and improve skin elasticity. Home use devices are trending but don’t deliver the same level of current and require more patience for noticeable improvement. Our take: stick with the pro’s. You will spend less time and get better results working with a spa.

Thalgo offers a technological treatment which also includes micro current called IBeauty.


This device combines 3 innovative technologies: 

  • Sound Vibrations for an in-depth cleanse and exfoliation. 
  • Sequential Ultrasound for skin detoxification, reactivation of cell metabolism and infusion of the active ingredients used during the treatment. 
  • Radio Frequency which heats the skin tissue while delivering micro current to regenerate, plump and firm the skin



IBeauty was launched in early 2015 and has been a great success this for Thalgo year.


Red light therapy is no longer new in the device department but still very popular for its ability to stimulate collagen production and treat acne.  According to The Dermatology Review, “Red light therapy in dermatology was investigated as doctors noticed an increasing amount of patients who were immune to the normal antibiotic treatments used to get rid of acne.” While the use of red light therapy has become popular by dermatologists and spas, the jury is out as to whether at-home devices emit enough light to be effective. Our opinion: it’s best to let the professionals deliver this therapy. 


While there’s no crystal ball to predict the exact skin care trends, devices, apps or products that will resonate with buyers in the coming year, one thing is for sure: new skin care products are always exciting. Thalgo recently introduced a new medically-inspired product range called MCeutic


The MCeutic line targets:

  • loss of radiance
  • uneven skin tone
  • rough micro surface 
  • thick skin texture
  • dilated pores
  • localized imperfections 
  • residual marks from past acne


This revolutionary Medi-cosmetic line featured in Spa Business, uses patented product Mesolift Marine, which accelerates self-regeneration for youthful looking, firm, radiant skin. Also developed with this line is the new treatment program called Renovation Radical. A series of 4 professional cosmetic treatments which have been dermatologist tested with 100% satisfaction in improved skin quality, reduced imperfections, refined skin texture, resulting in a clear and radiant complexion. A radical renovation in skin care indeed.


Evidence and history point to 2016 being a great year for more renovations in skin care and the spa industry in general. According to SkinInc magazine, “professionals are starting to feel the freedom and security afforded by a more stable economy, resulting in an exciting time in the spa industry.” This growth and excitement looks to be continuing which should make 2016 an thrilling year for new trends in skin care and the spa industry.

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Thalgo Intensive Corrective Cream

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Thalgo 24 Hour Cream in Skin Inc

Feb 28, 2015 11:08:00 PM

Thalgo 24 Hour Cream

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Thalgo Hydra Marine Concentrate

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