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Immerse Yourself in a World of Marine Beauty

Thalgo Sacred Oil in LNE Magazine

Oct 25, 2017 11:08:00 PM

Thalgo Sacred Oil in LNE Magazine

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Huffington Post Features Thalgo

Aug 28, 2017 9:55:05 PM

Thalgo R

The Huffington Post issued a Labor Day Style guide featuring tips and products to help transition from Summer to Fall. From hair care to fashion and everything in between, there's something for everyone. This issue featured our very own Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist. 


Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist is for those who need to bring some balance and energy to their skin; it is like bringing the sea into your own home. Regularly nourished with marine minerals, the skin fights the effects of modern life like stress and pollution more effectively. After just one spray, the complexion becomes fresh and radiant and it also increases the effectiveness of skincare creams applied afterwards. With a scent of sea spray and fresh flowers it's the perfect new addiction.

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There’s no way to avoid it, winter is here, the holidays are here, and like clock work, your skin is dry. It happens this time every year, and if you are in the path of recent snowstorms and frigid temps, your skin is likely taking a beating. You don’t have to suffer through holiday parties and Uncle Max’s stories of the good ole days with dry, red, irritated skin. Here are some solutions that even Santa would be proud of:



1)    Consider a serum under your day and/or night cream for extra hydration. Thalgo Mulit-Soothing Concentrate is the perfect way to add another source of moisture to your daily regimen. This 7-day treatment will soothe reactive or sensitive skin relieving any discomfort caused by dryness. It’s also great for redness and contains Lipopeptides which increase the skin’s tolerance, making it less sensitive and better able to handle harsh temperatures and dry air from forced heat. Witch Hazel with Vitamin P will also reduce redness and the appearance of dilated blood vessels on the skin’s surface.


2)    Amp up the moisturizer when the temperatures drop. When the air is colder and you are in and out of places blasting the heat, the skin takes a toll. Consider a more emollient cream to help retain the skin’s natural moisture. Thalgo Nutri-Soothing Rich Cream is a great way to do just that. It’s the first skin care cream enriched with patented Cold Cream Marine that effectively replenishes, soothes and repairs dry and sensitive skin, and restores a feeling of comfort for up to 24 hours. This is a rich balm, infused with a high-performance nourishing power for very dry and sensitive skin. Tightness, tingling, irritation, roughness and itching are reduced and the skin’s barrier is reinforced to prevent further dehydration.


3)    Another great way to combat the frozen tundra is to use a mask for a powerful moisturizing treatment. Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Mask repairs and soothes all feelings of discomfort of dry and sensitive skin. With this extremely comforting, soothing texture, the skin feels intensely nourished; feelings of tightness and itchiness are reduced, and roughness and flakiness are less visible. This allergen-free mask infuses essential fatty acids (Omega -6,) and has a sweet and comforting scent



With a little extra TLC Santa won’t need to worry about your skin anymore. It will become more hydrated, nourished, and visible signs of dehydration will disappear. Proceed with caution, though, Santa will still know if you’ve been bad or good. We can’t help you with that one.


For more information about Thalgo’s wide range of skincare and body treatments visit and sign up for our newsletter.

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Thalgo Intensive Corrective Cream

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Thalgo Hydra Marine Serum

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Thalgo 24 Hour Cream in Skin Inc

Feb 28, 2015 11:08:00 PM

Thalgo 24 Hour Cream

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Thalgo Hydra Marine Concentrate

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