Stress and the skin

We often hear about the effects that stress has on our body but we may not think about the direct implications it has on our skin.


According to the mayoclininc, when discussing the physiological way our Body deals with stress: “your brain comes hard-wired with an alarm system for your protection. When your brain perceives a threat, it signals your body to release a burst of hormones to fuel your capacity for a response. This has been labeled the "fight-or-flight" response.”

Our body can react to this type of stress in numerous ways. Normal reactions are headaches, nervousness, upset stomach, sleeplessness, fatigue and even chest pain.  


The other ways that stress can effect the body is with skin conditions. When we are stressed, there are two uncomfortable skin conditions that can appear or worsen due to stress:


1)    Eczema - which causes the skin to be swollen, red, itchy and flaky.

2)    Psoriasis – Red scaly patches of skin that can cause joint pain as well.


There are also less obvious effects that stress has on the skin. Since stress can cause sleeplessness, the skin does not repair itself at night as it should. The result can be dull, tired looking skin, increased fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness under the eyes and even breakouts.


The bottom line, stress can take its toll on our health and our skin as well. We must be as diligent as possible in taking care of our selves to limit the amount of stress we expose ourselves too. While stress is often unavoidable, it’s important to know that there are ways we can combat it. In fact, we recently published a blog to help guide you to wellness.


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Photo Credit: Free Digital