Aging Skin

When working with a client recently, one of our estheticians was shocked to hear the client tell her that she believed it was too late to begin practicing good skin care because: she was already over 40 and her skin was done aging. What?


As ridiculous as it sounds, these are actually two pretty common misconceptions. Many women feel they have missed the boat if they didn’t begin taking care of their skin in their 20s. This is simply not true. Women (and men) can begin a good skin regimen, at ANY age that WILL help their skin look younger… longer. Here are 3 simple ways to help your clients get started:


1)    Hydrate. The skin ages or appears to age more quickly when it is dehydrated. So advising your clients to drink plenty of water consistently is the best way they can help their skin look younger. Hydrated skin will appear more youthful and fine lines and wrinkles will be less obvious. explains several reasons why water is so important for younger, healhier skin.


2)    Moisturize. It sounds obvious but it’s not for many people. They need to protect and moisturize the skin twice daily in order to see results. The skin regenerates and repairs itself at night so a good quality moisturizer especially at night is absolutely critical.


3)    Protect. UVA rays are the sun’s most damaging rays to the skin. Encourage your client to use a good quality sun screen every day. It’s a simple habit that can be so important to staving off the aging process. Remind them that the suns rays are there even when it’s cloudy and they are inside their car.  


Once your client is comfortable with this simple routine you can add to it with an eye cream suitable for their skin type, a serum if they are in need and of course a product to help their skin with cell turn over. But ease into it, most clients need to start small and see results before you can add products to their regimen. Once they see the results from your first suggestions they will trust you when you suggest add-ons.


When a client lets you know that they believe their skin is done aging. You can gently explain the process of intrinsic aging (caused by genetics) and extrinsic aging (caused by external factors like stress, diet, pollution and sun exposure). Extrinsic factors are what you can help them with. They are more likely to believe science so a giving a simple definition of each may help convince them they they really are still aging and they will look better with good skin care.


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