skin care trends

A lot can change in a year, and 2016 ushered in some trends that made quite the impact. Some of them will top the trend list again for 2017 and a few we may not see again for quite some time. Here’s a peak at our top skin care trends for 2017:



1)    You Are What You Eat:

This trend began making its way into the skin care faves the latter half of last year and we think its going to stick around for quite some time. The concept that diet can impact skin isn’t rocket science. Doctors have been telling us that our diet impacts our overall health for years. But the focus on foods rich in probiotics, and drinkable collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements have certainly turned some heads. The basic motto is: good skin comes from within. We can protect and enhance the skin topically but eating well, taking probiotics and drinking collagen help to build collagen and elastin from the inside and are more easily assimilated. And let’s not forget that they help to strengthen the skin’s barrier function. Check out Thalgo’s Collagen 5000 drink, which contains 5,000 mg of marine collagen and provides comprehensive wrinkle correction and hydration.


2)Facial Masks:

Facial masks have been around for centuries, literally since Cleopatra. But for the last few years they have really made a come back. According to American Spa Magazine, “The market value of facial masks is estimated to reach more than $7.4 billion in 2020 alone.” This is likely because they offer instant gratification, are highly effective and can be added to just about any spa service. For these reasons alone, we think masks will reign in the top trends for quite some time. Want to try a mask at home? Thalgo’s new MCeutic Essential Regenerating Mask speeds up the optimum regeneration of the skin and helps it to regain vitality and radiance. It’s also deeply hydrating and perfect for the winter months too.


3)    At Home Skin Care Devices 

At home devices are not new, but they have improved significantly over the last few years making them a popular buy. Skin care brushes for cleansing are probably at the top of the list. We like how well they clean the skin but be careful not to use ANY pressure when you are using them. Too much pressure can over-exfoliate and cause long term damage and thinning of the skin. At home LED devices are going to remain popular this year and work if you are diligent and patient. They are effective for the treatment of redness and acne but are not nearly as strong as those used by estheticians, so patience and diligence are the key. Unless you are willing to use them daily for the recommended time, don’t waste your money. Head to an esthetician that you trust for the real deal.



4)    Products That Exfoliate:

People are always looking for ways to remove dead skin cells. And for the last several years, the trend was to use products you find in your pantry or at the grocery to deep clean and exfoliate.  This year, it looks like people will be heading back to the spa for products and treatments that exfoliate. Products which include vitamin A or a derivative do the best job of exfoliating the skin and increasing cell turnover. At home peel kits have risen to fame recently because they give busy customers the opportunity to exfoliate on their own time. Thalgo MCeutic Intensive At Home Peel concentrates a dual power of exfoliation and renewal (chemical and enzymatic). It’s the perfect way to even and clear the complexion, refine the skin’s texture and leaves skin radiant.


5)    Serums:

A continuing trend from 2016, Serums are still going to be popular this year. They truly are a great way to enhance the skin care routine because they are weightless, easy to use, and provide additional moisture, minerals and antioxidants. The results have been stunning and customers are hooked. There are serums for every skin type and every skin condition. Serums for hydration, skin brightening, skin firmness, etc. If you are not sure what type of serum you need, contact your esthetician for advice. Thalgo’s Silicium Concentrate reduces wrinkles and firms the eyelids, facial contours and neck. By fighting against visible wrinkles and skin slackening, this concentrated serum soaks the skin in active ingredients to redefine facial contours. Used as a treatment, it has a long-term in-depth action. 


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