Mens Skin Care

Skin care for men is gaining momentum and millennial men are spending more time and money on themselves overall. In fact, the men's grooming industry is expanding all across the globe, and was estimated to bring in $21 billion in revenue in 2016, according to


But even though men’s habits are changing and they are spending more money on themselves, their skin care routines remain simple. They are not interested in complex hygiene. So simple, effective, skin care steps are still what works best for guys. Here are 3 simple steps to help your guy look his best.



1)    Keep it clean. Men don’t naturally think to cleanse their face but it’s the key to keeping skin healthy. Give him something that he can use in the shower to save time and get the job done.


2)    Keep it smooth. After shave balm is the best way to soothe and repair the skin and to ease irritations caused by shaving. It’s quick and easy and will make a big impact on red irritated post-shave skin.


3)    Keep it simple. Even men are concerned about aging. A regenerating cream will help preserve youthful energized skin while combatting signs of aging. His skin will be visibly smoother and wrinkles will be reduced in less time than it will take him to watch his favorite team win (or lose) a game.


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