holiday detox

Last week’s blog focused on residual cravings that our bodies may be facing from overindulging during the holidays. Before we can break the sugar habit it’s important to focus on why it happens and to realize that sugar is actually an addictive substance.


According to Women’s Health Magazine, “The instant something sweet touches your tongue, your taste buds direct-message your brain: deee-lish. Your noggin's reward system ignites, unleashing dopamine. Meanwhile, the sugar you swallowed lands in your stomach, where it's diluted by digestive juices and shuttled into your small intestine.”


Once in the small intestine, the sugar enzymes begin breaking down into fructose and glucose causing the pancreas to secrete insulin. Fructose enters the bloodstream and thus the liver. Without overdoing the science, it can be surmised that too much sugar forces the pancreas to work overtime, causes more cravings and it’s certainly not news that too much sugar can cause diabetes.


Daily Burn offers some great suggestions to help kick the sugar addiction:


1)    Substitute fresh fruit for processed sugar whenever possible.


2)    Pass on the artificial sweeteners. Studies show there’s a relationship between these sweeties and weight gain.


3)    Raid your own pantry and purge the sweets. Looking at them every day just makes your goal that much harder.  


4)    Decide in advance how you are going to deal with the cravings. Think of ways to distract yourself: have healthy alternatives available, get outside for some fresh air, etc.


5)    If chocolate is your sweet of choice, it could mean there’s a link to low magnesium levels. Pack your diet with leafy greens to help raise your levels and talk with your doctor.


Ditching sugar isn’t easy, but it’s the best way to begin a healthy detox. For more information about products to help you jump start the no-sugar lifesyle, go to