Achieving Wellness

Whether you know it or not, personal values and belief systems have a tremendous impact on our health. No matter what we read, watch, listen to or how we were raised, our own personal beliefs are our own and no one else’s. That said, it’s important to recognize that the choices we make, that ultimately support our beliefs, can literally make or break the possibility of having a healthy lifestyle. Here are some damaging beliefs that could hold you back from living a healthy, happy life:


1)  My attitude doesn’t matter. You have probably heard it before; attitude is everything. But did you know that your attitude can actually effect your health? Studies have shown that persons with an overall negative outlook are less likely to live as long as persons who approach life with a positive healthy attitude. Check out this astounding article from the Huffington Post.


2)  My diet has no impact on my mental health. This is far from true. Your diet absolutely effects your mental health, your mood and your energy level, not to mention the impact it has on your physical health. Making good food choices can be tricky to navigate since it seems the “rules” to do so are ever-changing. But according to “An unhealthy diet high in sugar and fat may be linked to poor mental health.”


3)  My outside stresses are not effecting my health. Stress, no matter the source, can and will negatively impact your overall health. Situational health is not necessarily as impactful to longterm health but shouldn’t be overlooked. Situational stress is caused by a trauma or a life change such as a move or a new job. This stress is generally temporary and does not have the long term impact that repetitive job stress or family pressures can. According to the Mayoclinic, “Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.” 


4)  My relationships do not impact my well being. There will always be persons or relationships in life that are difficult to deal with but we must find a healthy outlet. Exercise such as yoga or walking can help defer some of the negativity we may be experiencing. Talking with someone trustworthy or a counselor can help too. But know that some relationships will always be toxic and if you cannot find a healthy outlet, removal from the relationship may be your only choice. Your health is not something that you can compromise.  


5)  My physical appearance does not impact my health. How you look, absolutely has an impact on how you feel. If you are not happy with your appearance in any way, you owe it to yourself to find a solution. Maybe it’s as simple as some new clothes or it requires a bigger commitment such as a weight loss or wellness program. Only you can decide what will make you happy when you look in the mirror. But realize that we are our own worst critic so cut yourself some slack and learn to love yourself. For more information on how you can improve your appearance, check out for help with skin, body and nutritional care.