All she wants for Christmas is clearer, brighter skin

This wish is likely on millions of women’s Christmas lists. And for some it might even be an annual wish. That’s because the thought of attaining the type of skin that looks good all the time, even without makeup seems so unattainable. But it’s not. Here’s why:


1)    Clear skin is an investment. But not necessarily a financial one. The first step is really about finding the correct skin care products for your skin.  This can be tricky. Not all faces are alike and as such, it’s sometimes tough to define the products and the protocol that’s most effective. So invest some time in this process. It may require a trip to your trusted esthetician but their knowledge and experience can be a priceless tool to help you obtain clearer skin. If you are not sure where to find a good spa or esthetician, check out our list of Thalgo partners for help.


2)    Brighter skin is another seemingly unattainable feat. But it’s not. In many cases, a peel is the best place to start. Chemical peels come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure, you should start slow. Start with one that’s gentle so you can determine your skin’s ability to handle the service. Jumping in with both feet by trying a stronger peel will only result in red, peeling and irritated skin. Start with a low grade peel and work your way up. This will help the skin assimilate and you will be that much closer to clearer, brighter skin. If you are not into the idea of heading to a spa, try the Thalgo Mceutic Intensive peel. This at home treatment concentrates a dual power of renewal (enzymatic and chemical) to ensure proven effectiveness in seven days. Persistent roughness is reduced by up to 35.3% for a more refined skin texture and a clearer, more even complexion. Corrects blemishes and irregularities, evens out the complexion’s radiance, refines the skin's texture, and tightens pores.


3)    Once you’ve found the right daily skin care regimen, and you have begun the peel process, maintenance is now your best friend. Stay current with your peels, get them as often as your esthetician recommends and no more than that. And maintain your results with a daily moisturizer that will continue to promote healthy skin metabolism and cell turnover which will keep your skin clear and bright. Consider the Thalgo Mceutic Resurfacer Cream-Serum. It’s  a powerful serum that perfects the surface of the skin and it’s highly concentrated in multi-perfecting active for optimal penetration. Resurfacer Cream-Serum corrects persistent cutaneous irregularities for a “new skin” effect. Residual marks such as hyper pigmentation and sun spots are visibly reduced and skin tone Is more even and radiant.



Sabrina Robinson (pictured here), followed all these steps and achieved amazing results. You can too,  contact us at for more information.