Thalgo, MCeutic

2015 brought many new skin care trends and nuances but one area that became more popular this year was new skin care apps.  Thanks to technology, anyone with a smart phone can now download their favorite skin care app, create a profile, upload a pic, and poof, the app will provide suggestions for your skin care regimen. Cool? Yes. Accurate? We aren’t so sure. So many variables can infringe upon getting an accurate analysis here such as quality of the picture, quality of the smartphone camera, lighting, etc.  But all in all it’s a fun way to begin the education process for those new to skin care.


For those not so new and looking for more serious skin care, devices continued making a splash this year in the industry. Personal skin care devices utilizing sound frequencies and cleansing brushes for example, became popular in 2010 and are still being upgraded and re-introduced today. They promise a gentle cleansing with the ability to rid the face of topical dirt, freeing clogged pores and thus treating acne and skin congestion. The downside of these handhelds exfoliators:  they can be rough if used too frequently ultimately thinning the skin.


A popular device used in spas is micro current. Proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate facial muscles, micro current is still a hip and effective way to combat aging and improve skin elasticity. Home use devices are trending but don’t deliver the same level of current and require more patience for noticeable improvement. Our take: stick with the pro’s. You will spend less time and get better results working with a spa.

Thalgo offers a technological treatment which also includes micro current called IBeauty.


This device combines 3 innovative technologies: 

  • Sound Vibrations for an in-depth cleanse and exfoliation. 
  • Sequential Ultrasound for skin detoxification, reactivation of cell metabolism and infusion of the active ingredients used during the treatment. 
  • Radio Frequency which heats the skin tissue while delivering micro current to regenerate, plump and firm the skin



IBeauty was launched in early 2015 and has been a great success this for Thalgo year.


Red light therapy is no longer new in the device department but still very popular for its ability to stimulate collagen production and treat acne.  According to The Dermatology Review, “Red light therapy in dermatology was investigated as doctors noticed an increasing amount of patients who were immune to the normal antibiotic treatments used to get rid of acne.” While the use of red light therapy has become popular by dermatologists and spas, the jury is out as to whether at-home devices emit enough light to be effective. Our opinion: it’s best to let the professionals deliver this therapy. 


While there’s no crystal ball to predict the exact skin care trends, devices, apps or products that will resonate with buyers in the coming year, one thing is for sure: new skin care products are always exciting. Thalgo recently introduced a new medically-inspired product range called MCeutic


The MCeutic line targets:

  • loss of radiance
  • uneven skin tone
  • rough micro surface 
  • thick skin texture
  • dilated pores
  • localized imperfections 
  • residual marks from past acne


This revolutionary Medi-cosmetic line featured in Spa Business, uses patented product Mesolift Marine, which accelerates self-regeneration for youthful looking, firm, radiant skin. Also developed with this line is the new treatment program called Renovation Radical. A series of 4 professional cosmetic treatments which have been dermatologist tested with 100% satisfaction in improved skin quality, reduced imperfections, refined skin texture, resulting in a clear and radiant complexion. A radical renovation in skin care indeed.


Evidence and history point to 2016 being a great year for more renovations in skin care and the spa industry in general. According to SkinInc magazine, “professionals are starting to feel the freedom and security afforded by a more stable economy, resulting in an exciting time in the spa industry.” This growth and excitement looks to be continuing which should make 2016 an thrilling year for new trends in skin care and the spa industry.