Does Your Skin Need a Holiday Detox

The Holidays have come and gone and though you probably have made many great memories with family and friends you may be facing some not-so-great additional pounds as a result. You are not alone. Between the family gatherings, the office parties and the holiday stress, your new- found weight is hardly a surprise. Before you begin to stress about it, there are a few things that you can do to detox right away to begin moving the scale and your skin in a positive and healthy direction.


1)  Sleep. During the holidays you likely ran around shopping, baking, wrapping and, well, eating. One thing you were not likely indulging yourself in was sleep. According to Fox News: “New research shows that not getting enough sleep could increase your risk of overeating and obesity. The study suggests that sleeping for less than seven hours could boost “distracted eating” and cause a larger intake of calories. Those who sleep for a shorter amount of time eat almost nine minutes per day more than those who sleep longer.” And it’s not breaking news, lack of sleep increases dark circles and under eye puffiness making you look just as tired as you feel.

2)  Drink. Water, not alcohol (you may have over indulged in that over the holidays too). You can begin detoxing by replacing your soda and sugary juices with water. By doing this, you will reduce calorie intake significantly and feel fuller at the same time. Drinking more water will also maintain moisture in your skin helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


3)  Eat. Yes eat. It sounds like the opposite of what you need to detox after the holiday gorging but you do need to eat in order to lose. Eating healthy foods in regular intervals keeps your blood sugar even and will help your body burn calories more readily. So avoid the temptation to starve yourself until the scale reacts, because the faster you lose the weight the quicker it comes back.  

Once you have mastered sleeping, hydrating, and eating better, there are some additional things that you can do detox your body and your skin from all the holiday fun. Thalgo has developed a line of products to help you begin the New Year healthier and revitalized:


Thalgo Slim 7 – A 7-day express treatment to boost weight loss. This Slimming Drink provides a high concentration of plant and algae extracts in a red fruit flavor drink which boosts metabolism, activates thermogenesis (the conversion of dietary calories for energy), and encourages the elimination of water.  


Thalgo Slim LC - A comprehensive slimming action that helps burn calories, stimulate the release of fat stored in adipocytes, and limit the absorption of fats. This is ideal for those looking to lose weight or streamline their figure.


Thalgo Svelt Control - Helps to control weight by decreasing fat absorption and suppressing appetite. It is for those who wish to avoid gaining weight during occasional dietary excesses (restaurants, parties, etc.) or limit their caloric intake when stopping a diet: to stabilize weight.


Thalgo Slim Control – Once you have your weight in check, this anti-fat and anti-sugar sugar supplement enriched with vitamins A, D & E will help you maintain and manage the occasional dietary “slip.”


Thalgo Nutrition also offers products to reduce cellulite, correct and reduce swollen legs, and reduce the bloating caused by menopause. If your New Year’s resolution was to get healthy and detox your skin and body from the holidays, now you have a place to start!