Millennials and SKin Care

According to, millennials are those individuals born between 1977 and 2000. They make up a staggering 25% of the U.S. population, and are responsible for 21% of ALL consumer discretionary purchases. WOW. With that kind of influence and buying power, the beauty industry has found it necessary to sit up, take notice, and begin major marketing toward Gen Y’s.  But before they can do this successfully, they need to decide what will attract them and how to attract them quickly. 

According to the Market Research Blog; “Millennials are establishing beauty and skincare habits and consumer patterns that are likely to persist throughout their lifetime. So, the companies and brands that win Gen Y consumers are likely to retain these consumers for the long term.” Skin care companies must market to millennials as heavily as they market anti-aging to older women because establishing brand trust early will pay off when millennials are ready for anti-aging, products which carry so much of modern skin care lines.

According to Women’s, 1 quarter of all millennials will make skincare decisions based on what they have read online. Any skincare company with a weak online presence will miss out on a plethora of opportunities here.  And Gen Y’s are not the only one’s looking online for skin care advice and product knowledge, many individuals 55 and over are searching online for skin care and taking special note of reviews. So again, an online presence, is no longer just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Still, skin care companies today need to think like millennials,  target them with an honest approach and if possible, an approach with a cause other than their skin. Millennials love supporting brands with an underlying cause for the greater good.

Thalgo’s approach to skin care is now and always has been overall wellness with the recognition that proper skincare begins from the inside out. And since the first cells originated from the ocean, this is where they began creating their brand.

Created from the sea, Thalgo has a duty to minimize its ecological footprint. Thalgo’s commitment to Nature is at the very core of the brand's DNA and guides all stages of our developments for Safe Beauty and a more beautiful nature.  Visit Thalgo, to find out more about this algae-based skin care line. Carrying products ranging from nutritional and weight loss supplements, to skin care, Thalgo that has something for every generation and every aspect of wellness.