Beginning a diet can be everything from exciting to scary. The thought of how you will look and feel when you lose weight can be motivating and invigorating. But deciding what diet, what path, and how to begin can be overwhelming.


As lucrative as the diet industry has become, its interesting to note that there's been an overall shift in the traditional diet revolution. The emphasis now is from weight loss to overall health. The general attitude is that the health and well being trumps the number on the scale. And true beauty is not found in the number on the scale. Finally!

With this known, there are a few things you should think about before you begin your diet:


1) Determine your true goal. Are you all about losing weight, or are you striving to improve your overall health? Obviously, the two go hand and hand. But your intentions will have a direct impact on how you go about losing weight so make a firm decision before getting started.


2) Determine your timing. How fast do you want to lose? You already know that gimmicky diets can be successful in the short term but weight loss is difficult to maintain. Why? Because the diet itself is so restrictive that it’s not reasonable to live with long term. Challenge yourself to lose a portion of your overall goal by a reasonable date and then repeat. The slower you lose the longer the weight stays off.


3) Determine your plan. Are you going it alone or will you have better results with a formal plan? Many nationally recognized weight loss plans offer support and coaching. This accountability might be just what you need to stay committed. If you think you can go it alone, give it a try but be open to coaching if you aren’t making progress.


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