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Let’s face it, we are all aging. But even though the clock is ticking and the years are going by, one thing we shouldn’t stress about is anti-aging. Getting older can’t be avoided, but the truth is, we can put up a good fight. Here are a few simple steps you can take to look your best and help prevent unnecessary aging.




1) Protect your skin from the Sun - The number one cause of skin aging is sun exposure. Yet everyday in the summer we see sunbathers. It’s simply not worth it. Protect your skin with a quality sunscreen. Look for ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. And if you aren’t sure if your sunscreen measures up, check with the Skin Care Foundation to be sure.


2) Sleep - Studies have confirmed that the inadequacy of your sleep directly impacts the skin. According to Everyday Health, when you don’t rest enough, your healthy glow is compromised. Other direct impacts can be an increase in skin conditions such as psoriasis, and eczema and general inflammation.


3) Stop stressing – Speaking of skin conditions, stress can exacerbate these as well. It can also prevent you from sleeping…a vicious cycle indeed.


4) Exercise your mind and body – If you have heard it once, you have heard it a thousand times. That’s because it’s so important. Even 20 minutes a day can help clear your mind and improve your overall health. Your skin is an organ and it needs to be taken care of like the rest of your body.


5) Eat to live – almost as important at #1. Eat well and your skin will reflect it. And don’t skimp on the H20. Find out how much water your body needs and make the commitment to drink. Your skin will look more hydrated and your organs will thank you too.


6) Change up the routine…routinely. Nothing makes us look more tired and dull, than doing the same thing over and over. We know your job may be mundane, but try to factor in snippet’s of something new each week. Try hiking, or walking a new trail. Try a new museum or a good book. Anything that releases you from the tiresome embrace of routine. Your body and your skin will look and feel better.


7) Do What You Love – Similar to #6, but not exactly. If it’s at all possible, spend most of your day doing what you love. If you hate your job, routine, etc., seriously consider something else. A new career or hobby will absolutely have a positive impact on anti-aging and your overall health. It’s scary to make changes but not many who take the plunge toward something they love talk about regretting it.


8) Get into a good skincare regimen. This one seems so obvious when we are talking about antiaging skin care but it’s so important. Check out our recent blog for more help deciphering skin care buzz words and help define a good regimen. To keep your skin looking it’s best and to help slow down the natural aging process, you need to be applying:


    • Antioxidants – to protect the skin from damaging free radicals caused by UVA and UVB rays. Vitamin C is a popular example.
    • Retinol – or any Vitamin A derivative. These promote cell turnover, which produces new collagen and elastin (the stars of younger looking skin).
    • Products with proven anti-aging ingredients such as peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid.


It’s important to note that no matter what you do, you are still going to age. But what you don’t want to do is age prematurely. The ultimate goal is to preserve the natural quality of the skin the best way possible. And one last piece of advice - trust your esthetician.


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