4 Things Really Smart People Do

Really smart people are generally really busy people who often forget to take care of themselves and here are 4 things that they refuse to do.


1)     Sleep -  We all need sleep in order to function, to help our minds and our bodies heal. But sleep is not always easy to obtain. It is however critical for our bodies and lack of sleep for extended periods of time can actually take years off our lives. To find out how much sleep your body requires and more about the effects from not sleeping enough, check out this article by the Cleveland Clinic.


2)     Eat -  Busy, successful, on-the-go people are often the worst eaters. They often eat meals on the run and the options for getting healthy food, with the nutrients you need while on the road are few. The good news is, according to health.com, there are a few good options.


3)     Exercise – Really smart people know they need to exercise, but as it’s become clear, they do not have a lot of free time. Like sleep, exercise is a must. We need it to maintain our health, but it’s also a great stress reliever. The Mayo Clinic has published countless articles on the benefits and the necessity of exercise. And remember, exercise is a natural energy boost so you can get even more out of every day.


4)     Take care of their skin-  When we are too tired to take care of our skin, it becomes painfully obvious and it’s tough to camouflage. Skin that is poorly cared for is dull, lifeless, congested, intensely wrinkled and appears much older than it should. Starting a skin care regimen can seem daunting, but our recent post how great skin can improve your luck will prove that it really is simple and the results can be extremely positive.


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