Dear Thalgo partners, loyal friends,

Please take note that as of February 1st, 2020 Masson Ltd has been chosen by Thalgo France to be the new USA Thalgo distributor. This website and the current supply of Thalgo products is currently under transition, we thank you for your patience and understanding.


Who is Masson Ltd?

Masson is a highly experienced and reputable distributor of skin care & beauty products, who has been servicing this industry for over 60 years.


Why is there a change of distributor?

Thalgo France has been listening to your frustrations of lacking inventory and service on the USA markets. They have partnered with Masson to ensure larger inventories and increased marketing & training support.


When will Masson start shipping?

Stock is currently in transition from the old distributor to Masson, and increased stock are currently in processing with France. Some order processing should begin within 2 weeks, with increased inventory availabilities within 4 weeks.


How can I pay my existing bills?

Masson will be contacting you shortly to process payments. The old distributor will be transferring their accounts and receivables to Masson.

Existing bills are still payable to the name THALGO USA, new bills as of February 1st are payable to MASSON LTD.


I have special agreements with the old distributor

Masson will honor all existing agreements. Nadi Justens is still working with Masson and can confirm all agreements.


Is there a Price increase, or a new order form?

No price increases. Yes new order forms will be sent out within a few days.


For more information on Masson, please visit



Jacques Masson, President

450.741.7300 x226


Heather Pelligrini, National Sales Manager



Nadi Justens, Thalgo Product Manager