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Thalgo Océa Draine Detox Drink

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10 vials at .34 oz each
Thalgo Océa Draine Detox Drink

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  • Thalgo Océa Draine Detox Drink

Thalgo Océa Draine is a detox drink that encourages elimination of toxins and waste products, regulates function of the gallbladder, diuretic aids in digestion. Ideal for those who wish to start a slimming diet or cleanse their body because of dietary excesses or a change of season. Organic product: AB label - Ecocert certified, and 100% natural. Drinkable ampoules, easy opening system. Pleasant taste: natural orange flavor.


Active ingredients:

- Organic Fennel (1250 mg / 10-ml ampoule) - encourages slimming and transit

- Organic Black radish (1250 mg / 10-ml ampoule) - encourages elimination

- Organic Artichoke (50mg / 10-ml ampoule) - drains the liver and the gallbladder; encourages the elimination of toxins and waste

- Kelp (25mg / 10-ml ampoule - brown alga rich in iodine) - regulates gallbladder function

Additional Information

Ref. Number VT12025
UPC 3525801640271
Active Ingredients Organic Fennel, Organic Black radish, Organic Artichoke, Kelp

Shake well before opening. Dissolve one vial a day in a glass of water or fruit juice. Repeatable 10-day treatment course. Excellent starter before a slimming diet or a beauty treatment course. Thalgo Océa Draine can be used in conjunction with any other Thalgo nutrition treatment course, being careful not to exceed the maximum iodine amounts used (150 µg per day): one vial = 45 µg.

Product content weight 10 vials at .34 oz each
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